BFG 2017 sire line up – Ziehsohn

This genomic bull is looking very good in terms of his TMI of 120. He scores above average on muscularity as well as feet and legs , udder quality and milk production and udder purity. These are exactly the traits that one looks for in a true dual purpose Fleckvieh sire for dairy farming. He is an A2A2 sire as well. Among the different breeds of dairy cows, the Fleckvieh breed is the most heterogeneous of all. One the one hand there is the purely meat producing animals and on the other side, the dairy type with milk production as predominant quality.

The sires promoted here are truly selected for dual purpose character so farmers can take advantage of the many good things that come with a  stronger , healthier, more resource filled (muscular) and hardy Fleckvieh dual purpose cow!

BFG 2017 sire line up – Wendlinger

Wendlinger is a grandson of Winnipeg. This genomic sire – unproven looks very promising. He has a TMI of 129 and a very high milk index as well. Select this sire for milk and feet and legs. German Fleckvieh blood sires are known for the superior feet and legs and this one won’t disappoint. In the dual purpose Fleckvieh world with modern dairy farms needing to address lameness issues on a daily basis, this Fleckvieh breed and crossbreeding will make a positive impact on your farm`s cull rates. 

BFG 2017 sire line up – Warrior

This Waterberg A1A2 son stems from the Horex blood line. He is a young sire and has a TMI of 123 with a high milk value.  Judging by father who has literally thousand of Fleckvieh cross bred cows in milk, he makes a sound choice on cows with good udder quality. Milk components are good, but concern may be the suspensory ligament and short teats on this sire.

Here is a video of his father  – Waterberg:

BFG 2017 sire line up – Waldhoer

This proven sire – son of the bull Winnipeg is a proven sire that has thousands of daughters milking he stands out because of calving ease, milk production, udder quality, persistence and longevity. There is a video of him  with a documentary by one of the Bayern Genetik staff members of their genetic team:

Waldhoer – unique in every way  – an account written by Bigbeargenetics

BFG 2017 sire line up – Vanuatu

This genomic son of Reumut promises to be another very high scoring udder bull. He has high scores for calving ease and productive life – like his father Reumut. Consistent daughters were observed in Bavaria and the World Simmental Congress in recent years. Among the cattle breeds of the world, these Fleckvieh with their dual purpose character are so convincing to dairy farmers, that it is only a matter of time when Fleckvieh becomes the most common dairy breed in the world.

BFG 2017 sire line up – Rotwild

With over 400 daughters milking dual purpose Fleckvieh dairy cows, this bull shines with top exterior, ingredients – milk components and super fitness. He scores very high in muscularity, body , feet and legs. The highest milk producing cows in the world are Fleckvieh or Fleckvieh cross cows. Check out this proven Fleckvieh for your genetic selection.

BFG 2017 sire line up – Risky

This genomic bull is born on at Christmas in the year 2012! This Fleckvieh sire is 97% Fleckvieh, 3% Red Holstein by blood. Ruap is a proven sire in his lineage.  It looks like his udder quality and feet and legs will be predominant features.  In search of the perfect Fleckvieh dairy animal , this sire looks promising despite his name.