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Crossbreading Fleckvieh x Holstein for improved animal welfare and higher quality milk production.

Buying of the young sires as done by Bayern Genetik in Bavaria:

Breeding bull selection – types of cows that result Bavarian Fleckvieh Genetics/Bayern Genetik purchases  genomically tested breeding bulls each year at local livestock auctions or directly out of the farmer`s barns. They select their bulls from a population of 750.000 Fleckvieh herdbook cows … Continue reading

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Waldhoer – Bayern Genetik Sire

Waldhoer – Bayern Genetik Sire Feature Here you see the bull “Waldhoer” available through Better Dairy Cow, official distributor Fleckvieh Semen Sales – Canada and United States. He is showing outstanding progeny in North America as well as Europe. Very … Continue reading

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Fleckvieh and Genomics

Dairy Farmers can lower costs and improve herd health with a proven sire program. Consistently applied targeted mating can improve the genetics of a given herd with highly predictable outcome. Find out how BDC and Fleckvieh use genomic estimated breeding … Continue reading

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How Fleckvieh Crossbreeding, Absorbtion Crossing and Three Way Crossing can assist your farms productivity

Fleckvieh is a dual purpose breed can assist your dairy farm’s productivity and fertility with crossbreeding, absorption crossing and three way crossing. Dairy Breeding Management Dairy cattle breeding management is in a situation of radical change and reorientation. The drive for … Continue reading

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How To Lower Your Dairy Herd`s Somatic Cell Counts

One of the great benefits of crossbreeding and absorption crossing with Fleckvieh Genetics, is reduced somatic cell counts in milk production. Positive changes can be made with crossbreeding to reduce the impact of elevated somatic cell counts. Less Cases of … Continue reading

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How Fleckvieh increases fertility in crossbreeding

Since the establishment of the Fleckvieh breeding 1830, careful selection for individual traits has been promoted and enhanced. For 60 years, the agricultural ministry of the state Bavaria has created some key criteria that have to be met in order … Continue reading

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