Helderberg – Bayern Genetik Sire

Helderberg is a younger proven sire of Bayern Genetik. His winning progeny was shown and the animal show in Miesbach in Bavaria. His blood line has the bull Hippo in it who was an all time favorite and there are many daughters of his milking. The bull has good length in body and type characteristics. His traits are listed below.

Genomic breeding values

gTMI Milk Index Beef Index
120 (88%) 120 (91%) 103 (94%)

Milk Production

Milk kg Fat % Fat kg Protein % Protein kg
7024 4.17 293 3.44 241
800 0,02 34 -0,03 25

Beef Production

Net Gain Dressing Percentage Carcass conf. score
112 94 94


Fitness 103 (78%)
Productive Life 113 (67%)
Milking Speed 104 (89%)
Cell Count 90 (87%)
Persistence 88 (92%)
Fertility 2 p 109 (63%) m
Calving Ease 77 (95%) p 108 (80%) m
Stillbirth 84 (87%) p 94 (73%) m

Type traits

125 (90%) 105 (83%) 114 (75%) 121 (84%) 100 (85%)

Helderberg Profile

Milk yield, Top type traits, Attention: calving ease

Information on parents

Sire – Hades, 605399 Dam – Kasandra, 09.40820684
TMI: 123 MI: 124 (92%) BI: 98 (%)
B: 112 M: 92 F: 101 U: 129 UC: 105
TMI: 133 MI: 124 (0,53%)
2/305 10422 3,72 3,60 12126 Milking-Speed: 92 (0,51%)
1 / 359 (0) B: 9 M:7 F: 8 U: 8

helderbe fleckvieh sire

Rhesus – Bayern Genetik Sire

Rhesus is a son of “Roundup”, a sire who again produced a great number of daughters. Production of milk is not the top trait, but feet and legs, good conformation and all around strength are his primary points. He is an all around sire with ability to add substance to cross breeding. He stems from a “Waterberg” daughter on the maternal side. For more detail, watch this video, and see more on Rhesus Pedigree below.


Rhesus Breeding Values

g Total merit index Milk index Beef index
117  (87%) 112  (90%) 109  (89%)


Crossbreeding for Milk Production

No. Dau Milk kg Fat % Fat kg Protein % Protein kg
53 6910 4.23 292 3.53 244
  357 0,05 19 0,05 16


Crossbreeding for Beef Production

Net gain 108 (94%)
Dressing percentage 110 (77%)
Carcass conf. score 102 (92%)


Rhesus Sire – Bavarian Fleckvieh Genetics

  • Detailed Pictures
  • Details about Bloodline
  • Type Traits
  • DNA – profile
  • Official Pedigree

Main genetic characteristics – Allroundsire, Feet & Legs, Udder. Learn more about Fitness, Type traits, Further characteristics and pedigree of Rhesus at the Bayern-Genetik website.

Waldhoer – Bayern Genetik Sire

Waldhoer – Bayern Genetik Sire Feature

Here you see the bull “Waldhoer” available through Better Dairy Cow, official distributor Fleckvieh Semen Sales – Canada and United States.

He is showing outstanding progeny in North America as well as Europe. Very excellent for udder quality/attachments and medium size frame. He embodies the breeding goal of dual purpose Fleckvieh: The ideal cow with medium from, 1400 to 1600 lbs, longevity, 143 to 147 cm withers height, good milk components (he is also an A2A2 bull), one calf per year.

This is an easy calving bull that can be used in crossbreeding with goals of improving feet and legs as well as udder quality in the daughters.

  • Fleckvieh Bull Sire
  • Fleckvieh Simmental Bulls
  • Fleckvieh Cattle Breed

Fleckvieh Dairy Cows In Canada

Fleckvieh Dairy Cows in Canada were first introduced by Big Bear Genetics.

Dairy ranching with Fleckvieh beef cattle – Interesting information about the Fleckvieh cattle breed.

Better Dairy Cow offers Fleckvieh Bull Semen for improved Dairy Herd Performance.

If you are looking for the same success as case studies of Fleckvieh cows in Kenya, we can help your farm.

As seen at World Dairy Expo and Eurotier – the Fleckvieh Dairy Cow is often considered one of the top 3 dairy cow breeds in the world in terms of better milk quality, lowering costs for diary farm operators, and improving overall health, welfare and longevity of the herd.

Canadian Fleckvieh – For Better Dairy Cows