Beef breeds as breeding tool – Why not use Dual purpose genetics and still have the power to select what offspring you want?

Have a read of this article – it brings to mind the splendid use of Dual purpose genetics for the added value versatility to the dairy farmer aka Fleckvieh!

WHY and HOW?

Obviously the use of beef genetics by using embryos is not the same as crossbreeding. The case for Fleckvieh: At a cost of $25 or less depending on volume/number of straws in the order – with a higher rate of successful insemination versus embryo implantation at a lower percentage, the use of a Fleckvieh sire with high muscularity still looks favorable. This calculation can be easily made when looking at the higher cost of embryos versus semen.

Back to this still being crossbreeding: Using Fleckvieh semen due to its Dual purpose character is a good ingredient in this principle because Fleckvieh calves have growth rates like beef calves but still can serve as dairy animals at the same time. Fleckvieh has a combination of beef and dairy character.

This particular sire would serve your needs very well due to high muscling and at the same time calving ease (muscularity type trait is at 110):