Fertility benefits and hybrid vigor with accurate pregnancy detection equates crossbreeding success with Fleckvieh

Check out the below article on blood test for pregnancy diagnosis:


It makes sense to look at early preganancy diagnosis especially on large dairies to resource vet manpower better. Using sexed semen may yield better fertility as well. This method creates a steady stream of females to become milking cow inventory. It does lead producers down the path of choosing beef semen as a terminal cross. This is because there are too many females.

Knowing that Fleckvieh is a dual purpose breed and using conventional semen – using the hybrid vigor of crossbreeeding brings several different advantages to the table ( some are intangible benefits that only “click” after long term breeding)

Results of use of conventional Fleckvieh semen:

#1. Higher priced marketable bull calves

#2. Cows with more lactations – less inbreeding coefficient

#3. Rewards of genetic progress and herd improvement (focus on feet and legs and components)

#4. High slaughter yield on healthy cull cows (42% – 58 %).

#5. Hybrid vigor with use of Fleckvieh semen on other breeds of cattle

The below pictures show that difference in stature, frame and body condition with Fleckvieh:

BFG Rosskur bred with BFG Petersberg on an organic dairy – grass based dairying with dual purpose Fleckvieh

The below picture shows more finer and therefore less hardy dairy cow:

A much more finer framed cow with less substance