Welfare and genetics with Strength cows – Fleckvieh and aAa as aid

Below is a breakdown of where you locate pain in your cows. It is easy to list these items but also pain signs can be missed. Cows are predation animals and hide pain until it becomes overwhelming;

Signs of pain in cattle – you can see from afar in an instant

  1. Obvious lameness and hunched back – lifting leg – non weight bearing
  2. Ears back
  3. “Freaked” out look in the eyes
  4. Chronic tail swishing
  5. Kicking at belly – looking at belly
  6. Staying away form the group
  7. Downer

Signs of pain close up:

  1. Elevated heart rate – between 48 and 84 is normal range
  2. Absence of normal rumination – watch the flank for rumen movement – one “wave” a minute is normal
  3. Painful udder/legs/joints – swelling, open sores
  4. Teeth grinding
  5. Head pressing

Signs of pain on your phone app:

  1. Decreased feed intake
  2. Decreased production
  3. Decreased rumen activity
  4. Decreased heat

The best strategy for pain management is prevention

  1. Animal welfare – https://www.betterdairycow.com/animal-welfare-productive-farming/
  2. Cow comfort – https://www.betterdairycow.com/good-cow-comfort-makes-milk/
  3. Cow health – https://www.betterdairycow.com/10-benefits-of-fleckvieh/
  4. Culling procedures – https://www.betterdairycow.com/reduce-dairy-farm-cull-rate/

Check out the below article for more evidence on pain being your enemy on farm:


Animals in pain have changes in the stress hormone levels (Cortisol) – which in turn affects their metbolism in a negative way. Their immune system becomes weakened and they are more likely to become illthrift. Their system is working overtime all the time. They lose weight, they become reproductively inefficient and die prematurely.

Efficiency and productive life are linked in a balanced cow. With the use of aAa – as an option, you will be placing your genetic selection of sires on more solid ground. See below a summary: