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Reduce costs and improve your herd by cross-breeding with Fleckvieh.

Our goal is to help the dairy farmer improve profits and herd health.

Since 2000 we have helped provide successful crossbreeding programs across North America.

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We can help you with  Fleckvieh Semen from proven and genomic Sires with any questions about how crossbreeding with Bavarian Fleckvieh can help your dairy herd.

Max Explains Fleckvieh Dairy Cow Benefits

I am Max Popp and I am a veterinarian.

I have seen the health benefits of using the Fleckvieh breed of cows as a tool for cross  breeding. Together with our late father Werner Popp , my brother John and I are keenly promoting this breed since the year 2000.

Have you asked your self – what happened to the 300 day lactation, the 65 day or less time frame for re-breeding, the one calf born per year per cow year after year, lactation after lactation?

Modern farming has brainwashed the industry that repeat breeding, 1.8 lactations per cow and premature mortality, high incidence of lameness and re-breeding with reproductive manipulation (pharmaceutical product use to generate heats), long inter calving intervals and sick cows are the norm. Metabolic diseases (such as ketosis) have become acceptable.

Why not abandon this and return to a better dairy cow?

We provide the best Fleckvieh Genetics and work with farmers to develop strong healthy dairy cows with longevity that are easy to breed.


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