Cow productive life taken seriously

Thinking beyond Productive life – see the below publication – and read on to see why Fleckvieh is special

Most modern dairy farms are looking at milk production as a primary scale of success. This is great but is only one dimension of what is really food production.

So – Fleckvieh adds efficiencies:

  1. Milk production for longer years and number of lactations. Benefit: No need for constantly worrying about replacements, instead have cows you don`t know that are there. Merely making milk.
  2. Residual value when you decide you want to cull a given cow due to more muscle mass.
  3. Historic knowledge of this given cow`s familiy performance to use as buidling blocks for more successful generations.
  4. Direct relationship between skeletal build to and functionality: tail head, pin bones , descending pelvis, space for uddder attachment, calving ease.
  5. Less risk of buying diseases with purchased replacements. e.g. Johne`s disease, tuberculosis, parasites.
A daughter of Meerhof shown here –