BFG 2017 sire line up – Ziehsohn

This genomic bull is looking very good in terms of his TMI of 120. He scores above average on muscularity as well as feet and legs , udder quality and milk production and udder purity. These are exactly the traits that one looks for in a true dual purpose Fleckvieh sire for dairy farming. He is an A2A2 sire as well. Among the different breeds of dairy cows, the Fleckvieh breed is the most heterogeneous of all. One the one hand there is the purely meat producing animals and on the other side, the dairy type with milk production as predominant quality.

The sires promoted here are truly selected for dual purpose character so farmers can take advantage of the many good things that come with a  stronger , healthier, more resource filled (muscular) and hardy Fleckvieh dual purpose cow!