Breeding soundness evaluation for Fleckvieh sire use

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See above a depiction of semen from a bull: Your local veterinarian sees this and counts out 100 sperm cell to make an assessment of your bull for breeding. What if you could have something more detailed in your hands. Check out below article. If you use natural service on your dairy and engage the Fleckvieh breed, you always want minimal stress on your animal when testing for breeding soundness. This tool will do just that!


iSperm transforms your iPad into an animal semen analyzer. It dispenses workloads for breeders and vets by providing highly accurate indices of concentration and motile percentage within 1 minute. Besides, the users can find and track historical analysis results for specific animal in the built-in data center of the iSperm app. Incorporating the data with the other information in the field, going the extra mile for enhancing the livestock reproduction can never be easier. Are you ready for more iSperm information? Please go and check via the following channels: Official Website:

Again – New technology that looks very promising for breeding soundness evaluation!