Fleckvieh x Holstein profits farms


Check below regarding the benefits of using Fleckvieh – more info at www.betterdairycow.com and www.bigbeargenetics.com


Better feet and legs and flat lactation curves. Healthier cows, improved reproductive performance, faster growth rates as a result of better feed conversion. Lower somatic cell counts, stronger calving efforts, more longevity. These hard working medium framed cows with high udder attachment will serve you well. Bull calves can enter feedlots and command premium price. Fleckvieh genetics are useful in cross breeding, three way crosses and much more!

Germy - A beautiful Fleckvieh cow

See for yourself below from back in 2015 – you can see the level of milk production and profitability in the dairy sector with Fleckvieh – definitely a #1 choice!