Lactation values of Fleckvieh cross cows bred to BFG Waldhoer

Waldhoer – unique in every way

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Waldbrand was a bull that was very sought after for first time breeding.   Out of a tremendous dam and the sire Winnipeg, he was a great success story.  There is a saying that sometimes a great or famous person can steal all the ‘thunder’ or a ‘attention’.  At the time, Winnipeg had sired a lot of bulls including Waldhoer.  Waldhoer had impressive numbers for calving ease (130), fitness (132) and productive life (122) he was sure to do some great things.  Walhoer is a son of Sonja (a daughter of Ralpon) that had 12 calves with a high production in her third lactation of 11811 kg – 3.56 F; 3.41 P (26015 lbs). Albeit, within the Fleckvieh breed the straighter leg set on daughters could be of concern, it made him almost a perfect candidate for crossbreeding.  The need for a bull with guaranteed results for easy calving and having the ability to correct cows with sickled legs and weaker heels made him an appealing choice.  So what was the outcome?  We have now marketed Waldhoer for close to seven years. You can see a video and some comments re. Waldhoer at

Not often  results speak for themselves. We introduced Bavarian Fleckvieh to North America in the late 1990’s and in that time we have seen a lot of sires come and go.  Standouts have been Enrico, Hippo, Round Up and Rurex to name a few.  Right now, without question, Waldhoer will join the group of the most remembered.  His results have and will continue to be exceptional.  Waldhoer calves are born easily no matter which dairy breed he is crossed to.  Waldhoer daughters grow up to be feminine first lactation cows with ample milk production, good fertility and udders that are trouble free.  Coming into second lactation, the cows start to develop increased muscularity.  This is crucial to the philosophy of Bayern Genetik to make high productive life cows.  Daughters from this great bull are now in many different production systems in Canada and the United States.  Free stall barns in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota….daughters are the same type and style and do well.  Grass based dairies…same story.  Open drylot farms in California, Colorado, Idaho…. same story.  Waldhoer makes his daughters like ‘peas in a pod’.  Following are DHIA data from three differing dairies milking Waldhoer daughters. (To convert to kg of milk multiply production in lbs by 0.454).

Below are some examples of what farmers are seeing with offspring from this bull.

Eastview Farms in Daggett, Michigan

ID # 2306 dry / fresh at 1 yr-11mo; 305 milk 28552 lbs 1007 lbs Fat, 890 lbs Protein, average cell count 66000

ID # 2394 3rd fresh at 1yr-9mo &2yr-10mo; 305 milk 25964 lbs 953 lbs Fat, 853 lbs Protein, cell count 66000; 2nd lactation on pace for 31’200 lbs 1200 lbs Fat, 1000 lbs Protein

ID # 2112 3rd Fresh at 1 yr-8mo & 2 yr-9mo & 3yr-9mo; 26’800 lbs 1011 Fat 888 Protein; 32’410 lbs 1141 lbs Fat 1113 lbs Protein 15’000 SCC; 1st test at 12 DIM 138 lbs

ID # 2951 Dry Fresh at 1-10 305 Milk 26,670 lbs 1095 lbs Fat 878 lbs Protein 107SCC

Schleiss Farms in Kewaunee, WI

ID # 1856  2nd lact. fresh at 33 months  24867 lbs milk  1036 lbs Fat  798 lbs Prot. 75 scc

ID # 1999  2nd lact. fresh at 33 months   305 projection  26348 lbs milk 1185  lbs fat  824 lbs  prot.  90 scc  (Jersey X)

ID# 1874  2nd lact. (dry) fresh at 35 months  21726 lbs milk  879 lbs fat  650 lbs  prot.  95 scc  (Jersey X)

ID# 2025  1st lact. (dry) fresh at 23 months  21685 lbs milk  907 lbs fat  701 lbs  prot.  25 scc  (Jersey X)

Dave Goodrich in New Richmond, Wisconsin

ID        Lactation        305d milk (lbs)          Fat (%)           Protein (%)

4010   1                      34180                         4.06                 3.44

4020   1                      31150                         3.90                 3.31

4201   1                      28630                         3.85                 3.4

4202   1                      32880                         4.0                   3.3

4237   1                      29990                         3.95                 3.25

4242   1                      29430                         3.9                   3.3

4253   1                      36470                         3.2                   3.1

4255   1                      31680                         3.4                   3.3

4259   1                      30870                         3.73                 3.22

4263   1                      37030                         3.65                 3.45

4300   1                      27480                         3.44                 3.65

4310   1                      31850                         3.7                   3.5

4020   2                      145 days in milk – peak 120 lbs at 3.4/3.1