Improve Reproductive Anatomy in Your Dairy Herd

Poor Confirmation Dairy Cow Rear Pelvis

Forward rectum position trait exampleWhen you take a close look at this dairy cow, you will note a great udder quality.

The position if the rectum is clearly more forward than the vagina.

It almost appears as though the rectum is tucked into the body cavity while the vaginal opening sits on the rim of the pelvic bone further to the back of the cow.

This positioning leads to the deposition of manure and urine pooling on top of the vagina when the animal voids.

This process can lead to undesirable contamination of the vaginal area. Also, as a result, bacteria may enter into the vaginal area and vestibule which can lead to reproductive problems by way of this contamination. This can lead to unnecessary embryonic loss, infections of the reproductive tract e.g. metritis and conception delay or failure.

Improved Fleckvieh Rear Pelvis Angle:

Rear view of Fleckvieh dairy cow pelvis
You can see the anatomy of a cow that is skeletally built in such a way that this contamination is prevented from occurring.

Also, more body fat reserves and muscling keep the rectum apart and above the vagina to address potential contamination issues.