Fleckvieh Dairy Cows In Canada

Fleckvieh Dairy Cows in Canada were first introduced by Big Bear Genetics.

Dairy ranching with Fleckvieh beef cattle – Interesting information about the Fleckvieh cattle breed.

Better Dairy Cow offers Fleckvieh Bull Semen for improved Dairy Herd Performance.

If you are looking for the same success as case studies of Fleckvieh cows in Kenya, we can help your farm.

As seen at World Dairy Expo and Eurotier – the Fleckvieh Dairy Cow is often considered one of the top 3 dairy cow breeds in the world in terms of better milk quality, lowering costs for diary farm operators, and improving overall health, welfare and longevity of the herd.

Canadian Fleckvieh – For Better Dairy Cows