Fleckvieh – the universal breed!

As expressed by Dr. Thomas Grupp – CEO of Bayern Genetik

1. Fleckvieh, the Universal Breed, will be the most important breed in the world

2. In crossbreeding programs with dairy breeds, Fleckvieh will be the most important sire breed, with beef breeds it will be the most important maternal breed

3. An economically efficient dairy production in the long run is only possible with the highly productive Universal Breed “Fleckvieh” – this is especially important for family farms.

4. Fleckvieh is the only breed that meets the highest demands regarding milk hygiene and outstanding milk quality

5. Fleckvieh is suited for automatic milking systems and standardized feeding systems better than any other breed

6. The influence of Fleckvieh genetics in extensive beef breeding programs will rise in the future – at the same time beef production with this Universal Breed gets more and more popular worldwide.

7. In the future only high quality carcasses like those of Fleckvieh can be marketed in an economically efficient way

8. Fleckvieh and Fleckvieh crossbreds meet the higher demands of consumers regarding the harmony and balance in the animal and not going to extremes

9. The Universal Breed Fleckvieh helps to reduce ecological problems connected to climate change and greenhouse effects

10. Fleckvieh is the only cattle breed worldwide which is suited for all known production systems, from Dairy Ranching to an intensive milk and/or beef production – in tropical areas with the support of Bos Indicus /Bos Taurus Africanus cattle

Our Breeding Philosophy

We breed for a healthy, vital, hard, efficient, adapted and performance-oriented universal breed for production of milk, beef and by-products with highest quality, which is suitable for all worldwide exisitng production systems and has a positive impact on climate and environment.

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